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Unformatted text preview: The Mission of the Firm: The The Case of P&G The Mission of the Firm The The mission of the firm is a statement of the current and future expected product scope, market scope, and geographical scope as well as the unique competencies the firm has developed to achieve a long-term sustainable advantage. THE MISSION OF THE FIRM Now Product Scope Market Scope Geographical Scope Unique Competencies Future The Mission of the Firm - The Case of P&G Existing Product Scope Laundry and Cleaning Powder detergent Liquid detergent Compact detergent Dishwasher Fabric softeners Bleach and additives All-purpose cleaners Food and Beverages Coffee Oil and fats Cake mixes Peanut butter Cookies Orange juice Snacks Soft drinks Personal Care Diapers Soap Oral Deodorants Shampoos Tissues and paper products Feminine hygiene -- - E + ++ The Mission of the Firm - The Case of P&G (cont’d.) Existing Product Scope (cont’d.) -- - E + ++ -- - E + ++ Cosmetics Skincare Perfumes and fragrances Pharmaceutical products Prescription drugs OT...
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