Relationship with key customers and the ao foundation

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Unformatted text preview: nding operational and logistical performance and a scientific environment environment The Mission of Trauma U.S. The z Synthes USA will continue to focus on the orthopaedic surgeon and offer a complete solution for the management of their patients and practices. practices. z We will offer the solution in segments of product, service and education. Our product development will continue to release stateof-the-art and forward thinking products to continually enhance the current strong product offering. We will also develop a new core competency in Biomaterial development and offer a stronger and competency wider array of products than any competitor. Our direct service channels will recognize the different needs of our customers and continually be enhanced by rejuvenated AO relationships and technical training for the sales consultants. We will build our electronic services to be the epitome of inventory management, procurement, and technical information exchange. z Synthes USA will have no equal in commitment to product development, total customer service, or continuing e...
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