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Unformatted text preview: driven by customer segment. Current channels Meet our surgeon customers include sales reps, through the appropriate include sales management, channels. PD, AO, corporate staff, CED, surgical societies, etc. The Mission of CMF The Now Future End-user Scope Patient Surgeon and his/her interface Surgeon with well-informed and more demanding patient populations. demanding Complementor Complementor Scope We will continue to support and assist the surgeon through the traditional complementors, but will do a better job of using them will according to the surgeon’s specific needs as discussed in specific the surgeon segmentation. Traditional complementors complementors have included the AO, Continuing AO, Education, SUSA, Spine, MTF and Spine, the various surgical surgical societies. The Mission of CMF The Now Future Geographical Scope US, Canada and parts of Europe. parts US, Canada and parts of Europe. US, Unique Competencies Competencies Synthes currently Synthes has a solid reputation for rep...
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