To specify which variables to store go inference

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Unformatted text preview: m) theta ∼ dbeta(alpha,beta) Screenshots © OpenBUGS. Some rights reserved; the OpenBUGS software is available under the GNU General Public License. This content is excluded from our Creative Commons license. For more information, see . 34 } Here dbin and dbeta are the binomial and beta distributions respectively. Notice that in the model we do not specify the constants m, α, and β . To load the model into OpenBUGS, we first enter it into the text en­ try space in OpenBUGS. Then from the “Model” menu, we go Model -> Specification. This opens the model specification window, seen to the right. To set the model as the current working model, we highlight the word “model” that we typed in, as in the image on the right, and while it is highlighted we select “check model.” When we do this, the text “model is syntatically correct” appears along the bottom. We then specify the data, including all constants. Data is specified in OpenBUGS as an R list. Here, for 10 Heads out of 40 flips and prio...
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