We wish to estimate the failure rate for each pump

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Unformatted text preview: e bottom of the screen it then says “model initialized.” Alternatively, instead of loading intial values for both chains, we could have pressed the button “gen inits” in the model specification window, which generates random initial values for both chains. We may now close the model specification window. OpenBUGS will only store whatever results we tell it to. Before simulating the chains, we must tell OpenBUGS to store the values of theta that it simulates. To specify which variables to store, go Inference -> Samples. Here we set “nodes,” which is the Open- BUGS term for stored vari­ ables. To tell it to store theta, we type “theta” into the node entry box, and press “set” below. The other entry boxes will be used for things like burn-in and thinning, which we will worry about later. Now we are ready to simulate the chains! We may close the sample monitor Screenshots © OpenBUGS. Some rights reserved; the OpenBUGS software is available under the GNU General Public Lic...
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