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Exam 2 2006 - Name _ Student number_ Bio 50: Cell and...

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Name ___________________________ Student number___________________________ Bio 50: Cell and Molecular Biology Exam II March 24, 2006 1. Put your name on the front page and your student number on all pages. 2. Make sure you have all 8 pages , and 9 questions . 3. Write all your answers in the space provided. 4. Be concise and direct. Complete sentences are not necessary. 5. Diagrams are encouraged. 6. You have 55 minutes to complete this exam. 7. Good luck to you! It is deja vu all over again! Answer the following questions with specific, brief responses. (2 points each, 10 points total) What is the immediate molecular stimulus for the structural transition of the myosin II head of a sarcomere resulting in the power stroke? What is the effect on overall ras activity with increased activity of GAP? Why? Name the two vesicle coat proteins responsible for proper targeting of hydrolases from the ER to the lysosome. What is the molecular mechanism (or explanation) of muscle rigor? Name three different functions accomplished by the smooth endoplasmic reticulum. 1.
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Student number___________________________ 2 Drugs and Diseases: Fortunately, investigators have been able to design, or acquire reagents that have been valuable in teaching us how the cell works. Unfortunately, however, diseases in animals and human have also taught us a great deal about how the cell works. For the reagents, drugs, or toxins listed below, document their major molecular mechanism in the cell, and what they teach us about how the cell works. (2 points total; 10 points total) Brefeldin A: α -bungarotoxin: Viagra: Then, pick two diseases in humans that we covered in this portion of the course, and document
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Exam 2 2006 - Name _ Student number_ Bio 50: Cell and...

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