devinny deshusses and webster biofiltration for air

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Unformatted text preview: line Vapor Treatment at a Soil Vapor Extraction Site (Ref.: Devinny, Deshusses and Webster „Biofiltration for air pollution control“) • Time of observation: 400 days • Removal eff. after acclimation: – TPH: 70-90 % – BTEX: mostly > 90 % • Cumulative removal: – TPH: – BTEX: • 60 % 75 % Cumulative masses removed by biofilter: – TPH: 550 kg – BTEX: > 100 kg Konzentrationsverläufe, Abbauraten, Zeittafel d. Ereignisse (Quelle: Devinny, Deshusses und Webster „Biofiltration for air pollution control“) Tage Ereignisse 0 - 22 Anfahrphase, geringfüg. Abbau, häufig Ausfall d. Systems mäßige Rohgaskonz., signifik. Abbauraten, später Trocknung Korrektur d. Feuchtehaushalts, diskontinuierl. Arbeitsweise 23 115 116137 138252 Erholung der Leistung der Biofilter 253378 Änderung des Aufbaus (Reaktoren paarweise in Serie) Costs of the Measure and Evaluation of the Savings in Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) (Ref.: Devinny, Deshusses and Webster „Biofiltration for air pollution control“) vCosts of the measure (in US$/1000 m³ off-gas treated) »Investment costs »Operating costs »Total treatment costs 4,23 1,21 – 2,42 5,44 – 6,65 SAVINGS by use of BWAPtechniques Mass of HC removeda Therefore required mass of GACb GAC actually useda Savings in GAC (mass) Savings in GAC ($)c Estimated savings in US$ (biofilter-GAC combination vs. GAC only)d 2.000 kg 13.390 kg 5.220 kg 8.170 kg $36.000 $15.600...
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