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Linguistics Midterm Study Guide Flashcards: Phonetics: http://quizlet.com/39517367/midterm­phonology­flash­cards/ Everything else: http://quizlet.com/39521002/midterm­concepts­besides­phonology­flash­cards/ Readings: Biber et al. ch. 2 on parts of speech (Canvas) Hurston T&P ch. 4 T&P ch. 5 Essay by Ohmann (Canvas) Lakoff & Johnson, Metaphors We Live By Lakoff, Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things Know Hurston (plot, characters): CRIT on exam with excerpt Janie ­ 3 times a widow Husbands ­ Logan, Jody, Tea Cake http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/eyes/ Read “Afterward” by Gates for context (for CRIT) Concepts and definitions: Phonetic transcription (why words rhyme) Consonants: Manners (How the consonant actually sounds) Plosive/Stop: Sound is quick (stop), you can’t draw it out. p, b, t, d, k, g, ʔ (“uh” in “uh­oh”) Fricative: Noise is continuous so you can draw it out. f, v, s, z, h, θ ( th ink), ð ( th is), ʃ ( sh ip), ʒ (mea s ure) Affricate: Closure → Friction, sort of a combination of Plosive and Fricative, also both of the sounds are actual combinations of plosives and fricatives. t ʃ ( ch uck) or t+sh, d ʒ ( j ack) Nasal: Sound comes out of your nose. m, n, ŋ (skati ng ) Semi­Vowel: Glide. w, j (which is actually a “y” sound like in y olk)
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Liquids: One of them is the first letter of “liquids” and the other has a lot of water words like “rushing river” r, l Place (Where in the mouth the sound is made, usually using the tongue) Bilabial: Lips only. p, b, m, w Labiodental: Lips and teeth. f, v Interdental: Tongue between teeth. θ ( th ink), ð ( th is) Alveolar: Tongue touches place on gums right above teeth. t, d, s, z, n, l, r Palato­alveolar: Tongue touches ridge between area above teeth and the roof of the mouth (palate). ʃ ( sh ip), ʒ (mea s ure), t ʃ ( ch uck), d ʒ ( j ack) Palatal: Tongue touches roof of mouth (sort of). j ( y olk) Velar: Back of tongue touches right above entrance to the throat. k, g, ŋ (skati ng ) Glottal: Noise is just completely in the throat.
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