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Unformatted text preview: ongue between teeth. θ (think), ð (this) ● Alveolar: Tongue touches place on gums right above teeth. t, d, s, z, n, l, r ● Palato­alveolar: Tongue touches ridge between area above teeth and the roof of the mouth (palate). ʃ (ship), ʒ (measure), tʃ (chuck), dʒ (jack) ● Palatal: Tongue touches roof of mouth (sort of). j (yolk) ● Velar: Back of tongue touches right above entrance to the throat. k, g, ŋ (skating) ● Glottal: Noise is just completely in the throat. ʔ (uh), h ■ Voicing/Voiceless (Difference between p and b) ■ Consonants to memorize: (cause of weird symbol­sound match up) ● ʔ (uh) ● θ (think) ● ð (this) ● ʃ (ship) ● ʒ (measure) ● tʃ (chuck) ● dʒ (jack) ● ŋ (skating) ● j (yolk) ○ Vowels: (practice) ■ Monophthongs ● /ɪ/ (kit) high/mid front ● /ɛ/ (dress) low/mid front ● /æ/ (trap) low front ● /ɑ/ (lot) low back ● /ʌ/ (strut) mid central ● /ʊ/ (foot) high/mid back ● /ɚ/ (nurse) mid central ● /i/ (fleece) high front ● /ɔ/ (thought) low/mid back ● /u/ (goose) high back ■ Diphthongs ● /ɛɪ/ (face) ● /ɔʊ/ (goat) ● /aɪ/ (price) ● /ɔɪ/ (choice) ● /aʊ/ (mouth) ● Phonological and syntactic tropes in minima rhetorica ○ Assonance: repetition of vowel sounds ○ Consonance: repetition of consonant sounds ○ Alliteration: repetition of initial consonant sounds in neighboring words ○ Onomatopoeia: imitation of the sound associated with a thing or an action ○ Zeugma: the merging or overlap of two normally distinct constructions ■ Take counsel and sometimes tea ○ Ellipsis: omission of a word or phrase ■ Beauty is truth, truth beau...
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