This translational motion corresponds to 3 degrees of

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Unformatted text preview: ational motion corresponds to 3 degrees of freedom. However, atoms have no other types of internal motions such as vibrations or rotations, so the total number of degrees of freedom for a monatomic system is 3. Internal energy and heat capacities Once the degrees of freedom are determined, the internal energy is calculated from the equipartition theorem, U m = ( dof ) ( 1 RT ) . 2 For example, the monatomic gas exhibits only 3 degrees of freedom. Therefore, the prediction from the equipartition theorem for the molar internal energy€ is ( 1 RT ) 2 1 RT = ( 3)( 2 ) U m = ( dof ) U € = 3 RT 2 . 2 The constant volume molar heat capacity C v,m can be calculated using the definition, ȹ ∂ U ȹ C v,m = ȹ m ȹ . ȹ ∂ T Ⱥv € For the monatomic gas, the result is € ȹ ∂ U ȹ C v,m = ȹ m ȹ ȹ ∂ T Ⱥv =...
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