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Feb 24 march 2 portable athletic trainer xray

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Unformatted text preview: de also learning how to build and create a proper resume at the end of their training that would highlight their skills, as well as have a forum and web seminars on how to dress for an interview and how to network and search for jobs. Feb 24 ­ March 2  ­ Portable athletic trainer x ­ray, concussion monitor and CAT scanner and diagnosis tablet with apps and accessories for on site treatment and diagnoses.  ­ Babysitting service for single moms  ­Personalized online diet plans along with learning how to shop healthy and on a budget, how to coupon and what to buy organic and what not to buy organic. Due to the obesity crisis people can sign up for a minimum fee and get tailored diet and nutrition plans with weekly meals and personally made exercise plans instead of having to go to a Jenny Craig or weight watchers they can take an online survey and Skype monthly with a representative to document progress and make adjustments. It would teach people how to eat healthy on a budget and give them recipes and food ideas and options....
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