The objective creates a real magnified inverted image

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Unformatted text preview: s curvature, creating two different focal points. 16. A magnifier is a convex lens that creates a virtual upright magnified image. While there are multiple solutions for the lens equation, in common usage the magnifier is held close to the eye and the object is held close to the focal point of the lens (but inside the focal length to create an upright magnified image). In this case, the magnification is Mmagnifier = NP/fmagnifier. 17. A compound microscope is a convex lens (known as an objective) used in conjunction with a magnifier (known as the eyepiece). The objective creates a real, magnified, inverted image that is used as the object for the eyepiece, which further enlarges it without inverting (see item 16). Thus the microscope creates an image that is inverted. When u...
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