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10 ac wiring consists of a hot wire and a neutral

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Unformatted text preview: current and upward pointing magnetic field in each ring imitates a small bar magnet oriented the same way as the actual bar magnet (north up and south down). Therefore, the bottom of the top ring is a south poles and the top of the bottom ring is a north pole. Opposite poles attract. 8 ­9. One can go through all the details of the force on the induced current due to the original magnetic field, but regardless, that net force (all the way around the ring) will always be a retarding force. 10. AC wiring consists of a hot wire and a neutral wire that traverse through walls and ceilings and basements and attics to connect to the wall sockets in a home or business. The hot wire is at 110 VAC. The neutral wire is connected to ground (zero volts) back at the circuit panel. Therefore, in principle the neutral wire is at zero volts throughout the h...
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