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As the rings move closer the flux must increase 56 the

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Unformatted text preview: he net force on the bottom ring due to the original bar magnet field? A. There is no net force B. To the right C. To the left Notes for 3 ­9: 3. There is a magnetic flux regardless of whether anything is moving or not. 4. The magnetic field of a bar magnet is non ­uniform (see equation sheet) and more intense closer to the magnet. As the rings move closer, the flux must increase. 5 ­6. The rings are moving closer to the magnet but are not there yet. The magnetic field direction through both rings is pointed down. The magnetic flux through both rings is increasing. The induced current in both rings opposes the increase in flux. Therefore the current in each ring creates a magnetic field pointing UP through each ring. Therefore by the soft right hand rule the current in each ring is CCW, when looked as from above as stipulated. 7. The CCW...
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