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C 2 2 2 v 110v 2 2 1 c rms r 2

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Unformatted text preview: t an angle of 30° to one of them. What fraction of the original unpolarized light is transmitted through the set of three polarizers? A. 60% B. 30% C. 18% D. 9% E. 4% 1 I3 1 I1 = I 0 I 2 = I1 cos 2 30° I 3 = I 2 cos 2 60° = cos 2 30° cos 2 60° = 9.4% 2 I0 2 15 (10 points). You accidently stick a screwdriver into the hot side of a 110 VAC (rms) 60 Hz socket while in your bare feet. If your bare feet were connected directly to ground, a fatal current of 227 mA rms would flow through you; however, the floor acts as a capacitor in series with your body’s resistance and then connects to ground. What value of capacitance is needed to insure that the current is lowered to the survival threshold of 100 mA rms? The current flows through one arm, your torso, and your legs (note: you are standing on both legs so your legs are in parallel!). Leave this quest...
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