The frequency of these signals is typically on the

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Unformatted text preview: ouse or business. Pick the one statement out of the following that is TRUE: A. The neutral wires have a finite (nonzero) resistance and if any current runs through the neutral wires, they will be at a higher voltage than zero at a wall socket. B. The neutral wires are in fact everywhere always at zero volts because they are connected to ground, just like the problem says. C. Since a neutral wire is at zero volts, current does not run through it. D. Neutral wires have zero resistance by definition, so this is not an issue. 11. VLF (very Low Frequency) electromagnetic waves are used to communicate with submarines. The frequency of these signals is typically on the order of 1500 Hz. What is the wavelength of such an electromagnetic wave? A. 200 km B. 15 km C. 30 m D. 1.5 cm E. 200 m 3 # 10 8 m / s c=!f " != = 200 km 1500 s $1 12. Consider a transfo...
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