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L c unfortunately it is not correct to simply add

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Unformatted text preview: currents for a capacitor because of the out of phase relationships mentioned above. To find a way to use Ohm’s Law, a quantity known as the impedance Z is defined: V Z = rms I rms For a resistor, Z = R. For a capacitor or an inductor, Z can be a complicated expression that takes into account the out ­of ­phase relationship between voltage and current; however, for simple magnitudes, the following is true: 1 Capacitors: Z = Inductors: (ω = 2πf) Z = ! L !C Unfortunately, it is not correct to simply add these quantities in series or in parallel when a circuit contains R and C and L. For simple examples, the results are shown below: Vrms 1 = ZC = R 2 + 2 2 I rms !C Pavg = Vrms I rms cos!...
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