If there is a circuit then there is an induced

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Unformatted text preview: g wires: Vinduced = B!v (note: you MUST understand the underlying physics of right hand rules etc to use this properly). If there is a circuit then there is an induced current. For a rotating loop generator: Poweravg = 1222 B A! 2 For a motor operating as a reverse generator: Poweravg = 1 AI 0 B! 4 For AC circuits, voltage and current can be written as sinusoids with a peak voltage. Vr2 s Pavg = Vrms I rms = I Z = m where Z = impedance AC power: Vrms = IrmsZ Z Zresistor = R Zcapacitor = 1/ωC 1 2 Total impedance of a resistor and capacitor in series: Z = R + 2 2 !C 2 rms For an inductive device that creates a magnetic field (instead of a bar magnet), the induced voltage is Vinduced = L N2 !I A is the inductance. where L = µ ! !t Transformers: VP N P = VS N S VP I P = VS I S NS VP N P V N ! IS = IP P = IP P VS N S ! VS = Series addition of resistors: Req = R1 + R2 + … Parall...
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