V 2 qv energy stored in a capacitor 2 2 2c current

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Unformatted text preview: r a closed surface, the flux is equal to the enclosed charge: Φ = Qenclosed/ε0. Definition of capacitance: C = Q/V A! A! Capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor: C= = ! r 0 d d Table of dielectric strengths: Table of dielectric constants εr: 1 1 1 Q2 Ecap = C !V 2 = Q!V = Energy stored in a capacitor: 2 2 2C Current is defined as I = Q/Δt (number of charges injected per unit time, amperes) Resistance: R = V !d (ohms) = I A Ohm’s Law: V = IR Table of resistivities: Circuit power: P = VI = I2R = V2/R (Watts) 10 Ωm insulators: ρ > 10 semiconductors: ρ ≈ 1 Ωm conductors: ρ ≈ 10 ­8 Ωm Resistors combine in series and parallel as: Series: Req = R1 + R2 + … Parallel: 1/Req = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + … Capacitors combine in series and parallel as: Series:...
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