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etc only a few codes for protein coding genes for

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Unformatted text preview: nsposons or retrotransposons (retroposons) & small RNAs & tandem repeats etc., etc.!! Only a few % codes for protein-coding genes. For “your” genome see the next page 6 look at atypical genome and describe the components so that we know what we are looking at. segmental duplications-large regions that are copied and maybe not on the same chromosome pair but somewhere else. Big pieces of DNA can be copied and end up on some other chromosome. BIO 1140 Unit 2-2: Transcription Is the genome what we think it is? the part that codes for protein is about 2% of the total. The protein coding gens and intros represent the gene sequences-28% that will be transcribed into messenger RNA and that mRNA can code for protein. The protein coding are eventually thrown away. The some 26% is kept. Biggest part of genome is made up of contain DNA transposones, LTR retro-transposones, SINEs genes and LINEs. they are related even though they have What are these acronyms? See notes. The protein coding regions are only ~2.0% of the total different names. Transposable elments are elements that can be copied by one/two mechanisms and that...
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