19 2 ribosomal promoter can see transciption

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Unformatted text preview: romoter can see transciption occurring in some cases. It needs a lot of ribosomal RNA. this is bounded to protein. the wavy lines are ribosomal RNA being synthesized from this gene. Transcription begins at the top, the shorter RNA are at the top, the bigger ones are father away. terminator BIO 1140 Unit 2-2: Transcription What about procaryotes? 1. There is usually a single RNApol consisting of multiple subunits. Different promoters may be recognized by using different subunits especially “σ” (sigma). 2.There are two termination of transcription systems. Rho-dependent: a termination factor “ρ” (rho) stops RNA synthesis at specific sites, causing RNApol stop and to dissociate from the transcription complex. Intrinsic or rho-independent: RNApol stops at a terminator sequence (G+C-rich palindrome/ nusA) within the RNA leading to dissociation of RNApol from the DNA. 20 BIO 1140 Unit 2-2: Transcription Production & Processing of mRNAs in Eukaryotes Eukaryotic protein-coding genes are transcribed into precursor mRNAs that are modified in the nucleus During RNA processing many types of modifications can occur in the nucleus. Not all wi...
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