Bits that coded for something were separated by bits

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Unformatted text preview: were in b/t the coding bits. Bits that coded for something were separated by bits that don't code for something. BIO 1140 Unit 2-2: Transcription Modern view of a “gene” 4 Sequences that bind proteins needed for transcriptional control and RNA synthesis are “cis-acting”. The proteins themselves are “trans-acting”. NOTE THAT A GENE DOES NOT NEED TO CODE FOR PROTEIN!!! there are regulatory sequences that are included in the expression of the gene. If the regulatory sequences are removed, function is affected. The protein can still function regardless of where the coding sequence is b/c you can move the location of a protein to another chromosome. The sequence is cis-acting and the protein is trans-acting. Cis-acting, usually is a DNA sequence and it will only function if it is in the right location. Trans-acting can also be RNA but usually its protein. BIO 1140 Unit 2-2: Transcription Transcription in Eucaryotes and Gene Regulation Today many definitions are more explicit, at least from a molecular point of view: “a basic unit of hereditary material; an ordered sequence of nucleotide bases that encodes a product (an RNA*...
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