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Unformatted text preview: need triosmoase. BIO 1140 Unit 2-2: Transcription Transcription Overview (elongation) Termination and RNA processing: It is difficult to define an exact sequence for a terminator but linked to cleavage of the RNA and polyadenlyation (see modification of RNA). 18 how we terminate properly Fig. 13-6, p. 290 (see also Fig 13-4 if you are only transcribing a few times, the helix may wind up, if you transcribe many times, the helix will stay open because you are going to be re initiating with a new RNA polymerase frequently. RNA template comes to the end, DNA unwinds ,the RNA comes out. When it comes to the end it is either processed or translated. If is processed, then it will be translated. We go beyond termination and then we keep going, then stop. BIO 1140 Unit 2-2: Transcription Transcription: Under ideal(rare) conditions you can see it! Two rRNA genes being transcribed as seen by EM. From initiation at the left the rRNA gets longer to the right. The cartoon version is below. 19 2 RIBOSOMAL P...
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