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Not all will occur in every gene these modifications

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Unformatted text preview: ll occur in every gene. These modifications can include RNA cleavage, RNA addition, RNA splicing, nucleotide modification, mRNA capping, polyadenylation, RNA editing. These change the structure of the RNA, the stability of the RNA, the ability to be recognized for translation and even the genetic code. 21 there are defined signals. Two types of signals, and either can be used. Rho-dependent recognizes a particular site and transcription stops there. Rho-independent (palindrome- RACECAR, top strand and bottom strand in DNA/RNA). a particular type of palindrome can form a step loop structure within the RNA/DNA. BIO 1140 Unit 2-2: Transcription Pre-mRNA Processing 1. RNA cleavage: In many species rRNA genes are transcribed as one long precursor containing several genes and intergenic regions. This precursor is is cleaved into the mature rRNAs while the intergenic regions are discarded 45S rRNA precursor (cleavage into ) 28S rRNA + 18S rRNA +5.8S rRNA 5' end of some tRNAs is removed by RNase P 2. RNA addition: Aft...
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