And multiple dna polymerases in the cell what do

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Unformatted text preview: What Do happens when you need more or faster DNA synthesis? all DNAs have ends? What happens to them? When What need primer for DNA synthesis. A lot of DNA synthesis is called replication, a small amount may be called repair, if it is to due with damage or gap fill with a small piece. In the model, there is no primer, we have to add a primer. We need a primer because DNA polymerases can only extend from a primer. if we use RNA as a primer, then the genome is going to fill with RNA- PROBLEM??? we need to remove that RNA and replace it with DNA- this is part of the model as well DNA replicates what happens to the chromosome? (think, what is a chromosome?) signals the cell to replicate the DNA? 5 BIO 1140 Unit 2-1:Replication activity of of a complex of proteins Enzymes of DNA Replication Helicase: unwinds the DNA double stranded Primase: synthesizes RNA primer (starting point for nucleotide assembly by DNA polymerases) we need different types of DNA synthesis in order to double the DNA. Different types of DNA are carried out by different DNA polymerases, which have different genes that code for them. This is especially true at the end. In some case one polymerase can carry out more than one function-not the case in humans though, b/c we have multiple ones because of specialization and location. A prokaryote cell can divide faster than it can replicate its DNA. The ends get lost in this model, it cannot be replicated. There is a special way to replicate the ends in our chro...
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