bacterial transformation

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Unformatted text preview: ____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ 16. What enzyme unwinds or unzips the parent strand? ________________ 17. The junction between separated strands is called the ________________________________ 18. What enzyme synthesizes the new DNA strand? _______________________ 19. What enzyme binds fragments of DNA on the lagging strand? ______________________ 20. DNA polymerase only travels in the ________ to _________ direction. 21. On the diagram: Label the 3’ and 5’ ends. Circle a nucleotide. Label the sugar and phosphate. Label the bases that are not already labeled 22. The two sides of the DNA helix are held together by ________________________ 23. Write out the complete name for DNA: __________________________________________ 24. Name the scientist(s) responsible for each of the following discoveries. _____________________________________ Bacterial transformation _____________________________________ The base- pair rule _____________________________________ DNA was the hereditary...
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