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Transcriptiontranslation 1 describe the location of

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Unformatted text preview: omosome 2. Heterochromatin is less condensed than euchromatin (T/F) 3. Heterochromatin has more acetylation (T/F) 4. Which histone binds to the linker DNA seen in the beads- on- a- string structure of chromatin? a. H3 b. H4 c. H2 d. H1 5. In most Drosophila melanogaster, the eyes are red pigmented. However, in a few of the population, the eyes are white. These are labeled BTZ1mut. Upon sequencing of the genome, it was found that no mutations existed within the gene itself, yet somehow this gene, BTZ1, which usually forms the red pigments found in the eyes of the flies, have been shut off. Describe a possible mechanism in which this phenomenon could exist. (Take into account this section’s theme, which is the dynamic structure of chromatin.) REPLICATION 1. Replication of DNA is _______________. 2. What does de novo mean? Which types of...
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