F griffiths transforming factor was the protein in

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Unformatted text preview: Mice injected with non- encapsulated bacteria quickly became sick and died. c. ______ Encapsulated bacteria can become “naked” bacteria. d. ______ Bacteria that are naked tend to be harmless. e. ______ Naked bacteria can develop a capsule only after exposure to the DNA of encapsulated bacteria. f. ______ Griffith’s transforming factor was the protein in the capsule. g. ______ Heating the encapsulated bacteria preventing transformation of the naked variety. h. ______ Transformation allows bacteria to acquire new genes. i. ______ Enzymes that destroyed DNA would prevent transformation. 8. Check each of the following statements that are true with regard to the Hershey- Chase experiment. a. _______ DNA was labeled with radioactive phosphorous. b. _______ Protein was not labeled. c. _______ Radioactive sulfur was found in the offspring phages after they emerged from the cell. d. _______ Phage proteins were not transmitted to host cell or to offspring. 9. Chargaff’s rule states that the DNA of...
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