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Unformatted text preview: roxyl end of an existing strand. d. DNA polymerase requires a primer. e. a, b and d TRUE/FALSE (with explanation) During replication in a eucaryote, DNA synthesis from one ARS meets DNA synthesis from a neighboring ARS. During replication histone octomers dissociate from the DNA. Following replication these octomers associate only with newly replicated DNA. Bacteria have multiple DNA polymerases so that if one is lost due to mutation, another can substitute and the cell can survive. Unit 2: Information flow, Transcription 1. What does the term “gene island” mean? 2. The amount of DNA in a plant genome containing transposable elements can increase with time. Yes or No? 3. Transposable elements are considered genetic parasites. What does this mean? 4. Give one example of the use of genomics (or transcriptomics etc.) Unit 2: Information flow, Tra...
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