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Unformatted text preview: re the different possible RNA structures? 5. What are the types of genomes in a eukaryotic cell? What is their DNA structure? Unit 1‐2: Chromatin the Dynamic Structure Why are there multiple copies of histone encoding genes? a. Histones are short‐lived. b. Histones are long‐lived. c. A vast number of histone copies is needed during early development, requiring several hundred genes. d. Histones denature rapidly. e. a and d During the chromatin remodelling that accompanies gene expression, acetylation a. adds an acetyl group (CH3CO) to the cytosine nucleotides of DNA. b. adds an acetyl group (CH3CH2) to the DNA of a promoter sequence. c. adds an acetyl group (CH3CO) to the histone protecting the transcription unit of a gene. d. adds an acetyl group (CH3CO) to the histone protecting the promoter region of a gene. If a chromosome did not code for proteins, then what would you predict would replace them? If viruses have no histone genes and no histone proteins, where do the proteins come from? What are the...
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