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01 STAT intro-SD S14 all(2)


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Unformatted text preview: f jobs in his/her employment history 5. Net worth (assets minus debt) 6. Whether a person owns their home or rents 25 Definition of MSA: http://www.census.gov/population/ www/estimates/aboutmetro.html III. INTRODUCTION TO SAMPLING 26 SAMPLING Usually our data set contains data from a subset of a large set of ``subjects’’ Often want to actually learn about features of larger set Terminology: population ‐‐ complete set of relevant “subjects” (individuals, families, firms, countries, etc.). sample ‐‐ set of subjects we have data on that make up our data set. Why use the sample instead of population? Cost, logistics. 27 SAMPLING – Political Opinion Polls (Surveys) Want to predict outcome of election which depends on entire set of voters Population ‐‐ all eligible likely voters. Sample ‐‐ subset of eligible likely voters in our survey. 2...
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