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4 1descriptivestatistics summarizingdata

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Unformatted text preview: criptive Statistics Sample Data Set Statistic Where and why does probability theory show up? 4 1. Descriptive Statistics Summarizing Data Numerical Summaries Graphical Summaries Most likely stuff you saw in middle school? 5 2. Probability Theory Language/Math of ``uncertainty’’ Models of a population – distribution of earnings etc Needed for inference – use a ``random sample’’ Understand why Gambling may not be a great idea 6 3. Statistical Inference Sampling distributions of statistics Using Sampling Distributions for inference Inference – what is ``reasonable’’ in population based on a random sample from population 7 This Semester – ie: ECO329! Focused on Simple(r) Inference Problems regarding: Population Mean Population Proportion Population Variance Differences in the above across two populations 8 Future Semester(s) – ie: ECO41K – if you get through this! Extend t...
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