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Unformatted text preview: 8 SAMPLING ‐‐ ISSUES (1) Sample bias Does the sample ``represent’’ the population? Depends on sampling procedure Example: simple random sample any possible sample equally likely all elements of population equally likely to be sampled (2) Correct statistical methodology. Is the sample being used correctly, to answer the question? 29 III. INTRODUCTION TO SAMPLING ‐ EXAMPLES 1. Landon vs. Roosevelt in 1936 2. Sample of ECO329 students 3. Vitamins and Colds 30 1. Landon vs. Roosevelt in 1936 Based on a ``sample’’ in 1936, the Literary Gazette predicted Landon would defeat FDR easily (57% to 43%). Roosevelt then won 59% to 41%! Relevant Population? Eligible (likely?) voters Sample: Taken from telephone records and automobile registration records. Questions: (1) Can such a sample ``represent’’ the p...
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