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Unformatted text preview: der 70 .10 50 to under 60 .13 40 to under 50 .08 Below 40 .09 a. (5 points) Using the information provided find the approximate mean grade in the first midterm. You may leave your expression in terms of the information in the above frequency distribution. b. (5 points) Find the approximate median grade. c. (5 points) Find the interquartile range of grades. d. (5 points) Draw an appropriate histogram representing this frequency distribution. In doing so, your picture does not have to be beautiful – but be careful to indicate the height of each bar over each bin. 2. (20 total) A survey of students at Smarty Pants College (a small liberal arts college in New England) was conducted and found that the average SAT score (out of 2400) was 2200 and that the average ACT score(out of 36) was 33. The respective standard deviations are 200 (for the SAT score) and 4 (for the ACT score. Let X be the SAT score for a student and Y be the corresponding ACT score. a. (4 points) If the observed correlation between X and Y is found t...
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