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Unformatted text preview: vent ``Durant scores on his third attempt’’ independent of the event ``Durant scores on his first attempt’’? Why/Why not? 5. (15 total) At a restaurant on the ``drag’’ 50% of customers are students. Also 35% of all customers order vegetarian meals while 25% of the students order vegetarian meals. a. (3 points) A customer is chosen at random. What is the probability that this customer is a student who ordered a vegetarian meal? b. (3 points) If a randomly chosen customer ordered a vegetarian meal what is the probability that they are a student? c. (3 points) What is the probability that a randomly chosen customer is not a student and did not order a vegetarian meal? d. (3 points) Are the events ``customer is a student’’ and ``customer ordered a vegetarian meal’’ mutually exclusive? e. (3 points) Are the events ``customer is a student’’ and ``customer ordered a vegetarian meal’’ independent? 6. (15 total) A survey is conducted concerning gender and preferences regarding Winter Olympic sports. The sport categor...
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