Hydrophobic in nature they play major role in protein

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Unformatted text preview: PB Amino acid with polar side chain Hydrophilic in nature, plays important role in cellular membrane formation (polar heads) Amino acid with a non-polar side chain Amino acids with pure hydrocarbon alkyl groups/ aliphatic groups or aromatic (benzene rings)groups as side chains. Hydrophobic in nature, they play major role in protein folding./ play important role in cell membrane formation (hydrophobic tails) Nitrogenous base - Purine The purine bases have a 9- membered double- ring system with 4 nitrogens and 5 carbons. Nitrogenous base - pyrimidine The pyrimidine bases have a 6- membered ring with 2 nitrogens and 4 carbons Ribose or deoxy ribose Ribose: A pentose sugar(5Cmonosaccharide) with the molecular formula C5H10O5 Deoxy ribose: Ribose molecule without oxygen in the second carbon. Serves as building blocks of nucleotides which play important role as hereditary molecules, signal molecules etc. Serves as important hereditary molecules (in DNA & RNA)/building block of nucleotides Ribose: forms part of RNA backbone Deoxy Ribose: forms part of...
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