A 101 for cell a and 100 1 for cell b b 101 for cell a

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Unformatted text preview: ell B with 10-micron size? A) 10:1 for Cell A and 100: 1 for cell B B) 10:1 for Cell A and 1:10 for cell B C) 6:1 for Cell A and 60:1 for cell B D) 6:1 for Cell A and 0.6:1 for cell B E) 1:1 for Cell A and 10:1 for cell B 5) Which of the following pairs is mismatched? A) smooth ER : lipid hormone biosynthesis B) nucleolus: ribosomal protein synthesis C) cytoskeleton: microtubules D) plasma membrane: lipid bilayer E) nucleus: DNA replication 6) A fungus infecting a potato plant would make high amounts of _______________ (enzyme) to infect the plants. A) proteinase. B) phosphatase C) chitinase. D) cellulase. E) lysozyme. Part B. Complete the following Table with how these two cell structures are dependent on each other in terms of their functions. Relate the structure in the column with that in the row and fill up each cell except the N/A ones. N/A Nucleus (helps) Ribosomes (help) Endomembrane System (helps) Cytoskeleton (helps) Nucleus (is helped by) N/A All nuclear proteins (D...
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