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Lamina is an intermediate filament anchors nucleus and

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Unformatted text preview: NA pol, RNA pol etc) and hsitones required for nuclear activities are synthesize by ribosome Adds mechanical support. Lamina is an intermediate filament. (Anchors nucleus and other cell organelles) Ribosomes (are helped by) Nucleus contains the genetic code for ribosomal RNA and ribosomal proteins. Nucleolus assembles the subunits Nucleus contains the genetic code for the proteins in ER. N/A Nuclear envelop is a part of endomembrane system, which helps the cell to maintain the nucleus as a separate functional compartment Ribosomes remains attached to endomembrane system(to the rough ER) to make membrane proteins Endomembrane system needs ribosomes to secret membrane proteins (made by ribosomes) N/A Nucleus contains the genetic code for the cytoskeletal protiens. Structural components of cytoskeleton (tubulin proteins, heterogeneous proteins, etc) are made by ribosome Further divides and provide separate compartment beneath the cell cytoskeletal support, helps cytos...
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