Psy 1010 syallbus spring 2013 (5)

Learning curve quizzes are taken online and accessed

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Unformatted text preview: move forward with their studies and because it may provide you with opportunities to earn credit in related studies during the semester. EXTRA CREDIT: There are two ways to earn extra credit in this course. You can either complete learning curve quizzes through the online psychportal, or you can complete extra hours of research/clinical practical experience. If you choose to do extra research experience hours, be aware that 1 hour of participation will buy you 2 percentage points of extra credit, up to a maximum of 2½ hours, or 5 points. You cannot earn more than 5% extra credit in this course. Learning Curve Quizzes can be valuable learning tools, and can earn you extra credit. Access to psych portal is required in order to complete this option (it should cost $5 ­10 if you have already purchased a current version of the textbook; it also comes with some versions of the textbook). Once you have access to psychportal, you can get online and take the learning curve quizzes for the sections of the chapter we will be covering in class. Learning Curve Quizzes are taken online, and accessed through psych portal (more on how to access that below). Quizzes are due at 9:30 am (before class) on the due date. There are 32 quizzes due throughout the semester (roughly one each day we meet). They are graded on a credit or no ­ credit basis. If you finish the quiz, you get full credit. If you do not attempt the quiz, or do not finish before the 9:30 am deadline, you will not get credit. Quizzes may be completed early, but quizzes accessed after the due date will not receive credit. However, accessing past quizzes is an excellent way to review, and will not hurt your grade. There are 32 quizzes assigned during the semester. Completing them will allow you to earn up to 5% extra credit. (1% for every 6 quizzes completed). Important: Chrome is not a supported browser. If you use it to complete learning curve quizzes, there is a good chance that your quiz will go unrecorded, or worse, be recorded initially, and then later erased. Do not use Chrome to access psych portal. Learning curve quizzes are designed to help you remember and retain the material you’ve...
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