EXERCISES-Chapter 1-2-3-4

Complete the above worksheet by entering the

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Unformatted text preview: E ACCOUNTS The following information relates to Best Bargain Travel Required: 1. Complete the above worksheet by entering the adjustment amounts directly in The adjustment columns. Service revenue is the only account affected by more than one adjustment 2. Use the information in the adjusted trial balance to prepare income statement, Owner’s equity and balance sheet??? Weekly salaries total $5,000. The business is closed on Saturday and Sunday. The employees were last paid on Dec 27, Friday. They will be paid on Jan 3. 4. Crazy Young purchased a truck for $36,000 cash on 1, Dec, N The truck is expected to last for 3 years. 5, During the month of Dec Crazy Young rendered services to customers totaling $ 5,000. At the end of Dec, N, the customers have not as yet been billed. The unadjusted trial balance prepared for the Johnson Decorating Service on 31, Dec, N and other information are shown below: BEST BARGAIN TRAVEL-Worksheet December 31, N Account Title Cash at bank Account Receivable Supplies Inventory Off...
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