EXERCISES-Chapter 1-2-3-4

Roderick capital troderick drawing fee earned wage

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Unformatted text preview: reciation Account Payable Unearned Fees T.Roderick, Capital T.Roderick, Drawing Fee Earned Wage Expense Rent Expense Utilities Expense Miscellaneous Expense Totals Trial Balance Dr. Cr. 3,425 7,000 1,270 620 51,650 9,700 925 1,250 29,000 5,200 59,125 22,415 4,200 2,715 1,505 100,000 100,000 A, Supplies on hand at 31, Dec are $ 380 B, Insurance Premiums expired during the year are $315 C, Depreciation of equipment during the year is $ 4,950 D, Wages accrued but not paid at 31, Dec are $440 E. Accrued fees earned but not recorded are $1,000 F. Unearned fees became Earned $ 750 CHAPTER 4 COMPLETING THE ACCOUNTING CYCLE Crazy Young –TRIAL BALANCE 1, Enter the trial balance on a ten-column worksheet and complete the worksheet 2, Prepare Financial Statements 3, Journalize the closing entries December 31, N Account Title (000 ommited) Cash at bank Trade debtors Prepaid insurance Equipment Acc Dep’t –Equipment Trade creditors Charles Metlock, Capital Charles Metlock, Drawings Service Revenue Wages Expense Electricity Expense Sundry Expense Totals The following unadjusted trial balance was taken from the ledger of Matlock...
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