EXERCISES-Chapter 1-2-3-4

EXERCISES-Chapter 1-2-3-4

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Unformatted text preview: of Cash flow B. Account Payable E. Accounting Equation H. Management Accounting K. Liabilities N. Prepaid expense Q. Statement of Owner’s Equity C. Account Receivable F. Assets I. Business transactions L. Owner’s Equity O. Balance sheet R. Income Statement 6. The amounts used in the process of earning revenue 11. Items such as supplies that will be used in the business in the future 7. A specialized field of accounting concerned primarily with the recording and 12.The amount of a business earned by selling goods or services to its reporting of economic data and activities to stakeholders outside the business customers 8. A summary of the revenue and expenses for a specific period of time such as a month or a year 9. The rights of creditors that represent debts of the business 10. The rights of the owners 13. A summary of the cash receipts and cash payments for a specific period of time, such as a month or a year 14. A summary of the changes in owner’s equity that have occurred during a specif...
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