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To find the revenue equation use revenue quantity

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Unformatted text preview: marginal revenue. To find the revenue equation, use Revenue = Quantity • Price: To get the marginal revenue, find R’(x). Example 7 involved using the revenue function from example 6 together with a given cost function to study marginal cost and marginal profit. Chain Rule. The chain rule is the method needed to find the derivative when a function consists of an inside function and an outside function, ie, where there is an inside expression. There are different forms of chain rule. One such form is: We discussed the formula This formula is the application of the chain rule to powers. Here are some examples of chain rule: 1. 2. 3. (p. 738, #36) This example used both product rule and chain rule. The assignment for this material is: p. 717: 51, 52 p. 738: 21-47 (odds)...
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