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Environmentalists act on the predictions and the

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Unformatted text preview: oy Ozone layer Cool stratosphere by reducing Ozone photolysis They are greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming NOTES: Cl and O are free, electrically neutral atoms (NOT IONS) Cl2 and O2 are molecules not particles The shorter the wavelength of light, the more energy per photon O3 and O2 absorb wavelengths of light of >290 nm CFC’s absorb wavelengths of >220 nm Governmental response: Oregon bans aerosols ad other CFC’s Response of Dupont: Announces it will stop making CFC’s if they are PROVEN to be harmful Organizes Alliance for Responsible CFC policy, an NGO for the industry Chemical and Aerosol industry: Denied all this and funded research against the ozone depletion argument Although science was getting better, overall prediction of world- wide ozone depletion would bounce up and down Industry: act when the science is proven Environmentalists: act on the predictions and the potential of an issue Vienna convention (1985) Agreement in principle that ozone destruction is a problem and that CFC’s were harmful Parties meet regularly as a legislature to update the treaty without amending it. Scientific review incorporated into updating process SCIENCE IS UNPROVEN UNTIL DISCOVERY OF OZONE HOLE: Ozone hole over t...
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