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In the write up be sure to explain the role of chain

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Unformatted text preview: he Antarctic confirmed the urgency and seriousness of the issue. At diplomatic meeting, they didn’t know if it was truly the CFC’s but NASA sent a MONTREAL PROTOCOL: Meta- analysis (looking back at past research) of different models that show different projections of global ozone loss are due to different projections of CFC production not the uncertainty of CFC’s effect. All proponents of the environmentalist argument pushed the montreal protocol to ratification Called for 50% cut in CFC production and consumption from 1986 (not based on any scientific justification) restricted trade with non- parties of the Montreal protocol special concessions to the Developing countries: they got an extra ten years to achieve this got some money New discovered mechanism proves CFCs cause ozone hole Cl2 and HOCl are desorbed from ice crystal, and they photolyze and give another even more complex chain reaction Cl2 + light cl + Cl HOCl + light HO + Cl Cl + O3 O2 + ClO ClO + ClO ClOOCl ClOOCl + light ClOO + Cl (Cl regeneration) ClOO + light Cl + O2 (Cl regeneration) BUT IT DOES NOT TERMINATE… NO2 stuck in ice as ionized nitric acid (H+ and NO3- , so there is no terminating step for this catalyzed reaction. In the write- up be sure to explain the role of chain terminators Dupont then agrees to stop CFC manufacture Then d...
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