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What is health

Millennium development goals report 2011 cut disease

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Unformatted text preview: in our genetics, to live the IDEAL healthy life. If we tweak something to make us better in one sense, maybe that same advantage is giving us susceptibility to other diseases (cancer, etc) by altering our response mechanisms to inflammation and infection Because of their ‘disease’ in which growth hormone receptor deficiency is causing shortness, these individuals with GHR deficiency exhibit only one nonlethal malignancy and no cases of diabetes, in contrast to a prevalence of 17% for cancer and 5% for diabetes in control subjects. Artificial triggering of our metabolic pathway like these guys (diet used to imitate this condition) but turns out it doesn’t help (generally at least) Race against disease: Which race do you want to run? Who gets to finish line first? Millennium development Goals report: 2011: Cut disease burden of the world by half. (not all ridiculously expensive) This is a form of a race Start in 2005, goal is 2015 In 2006 they knew they weren’t going to make it. You can look at statistics and see that we’ve been doing better at this, but for whom? Not for the ones that need it the most. Target improved sanitation What goals? For whom? How to run the race. How should we treat the people? Genomics f...
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