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What is health

Personalized medicine allows the treatment of non

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Unformatted text preview: ’t we need to treat the tall ones rather than the short ones?? Policy is not necessarily based on science when they claim it is. Parmacogenomic approach: drug therapy based on a particular genetic profile: Natural genetic variations – along with external factors such as environment, diet, and exercise – cause different susceptibilities to diseases and explains why the same drug works well in one individual may not work in another. Personalized medicine allows the treatment of non- responders and toxic responders with alternative drugs Patient group with same diagnosis and same prescription will have different outcomes. Drug not toxic, and beneficial Drug not toxic and not beneficial Drug toxic but beneficial (what is the name?) Drug toxic but not beneficial Individual testing to skew treatment to make it personalized: But sometimes you are not factoring other characteristics that may affect your test results and treatment Personalized treatment (using entire human genome to help better personalize individual care) (http://kaaltv.com/article/stories/s2439000.shtml) Maybe some of the answers we find are not the answers we are hoping for? Maybe we are not built that way, even...
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