Anomalies keep occurring something that cannot be

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Unformatted text preview: l (foram population is different) This goes against the uniformitarianism It’s a rapid change in a short period of time (since it’s thin) Support catastrophism Normal science: an intellectual structure in which there are still unsolved problems but the basic picture is agreed upon and everyone works within it. Anomalies keep occurring, something that cannot be explained by a paradigm (paradigms are tough to break) When someone comes and solves these anomalies, first they are met with criticism but then they start to get convinced. In the NW there is evidence of a huuuuuge flood that went down the Columbia river and totally changed the landscape of the NW. Perdue realized that in Montana, a glacial lake formed by a dam but it broke and flooded everywhere Evidence of a catastrophe with a reason for why it happened. Scablands are the evidence Wegener’s continental drift theory Was met with a looooot of criticism when first presented because people didn’t believe that the continents could shift horizontally. A scientific conjecture (is a scientific guess) then hypothesis (an educated guess with possible future...
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