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Us energy flow diagram sectors are important to know

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Unformatted text preview: s. Carriers: Sources: Sun – direct: Solar thermal Solar electric Sun - - indirect: Wind Ocean currents and waves Sun – Stored: Fossil fuels Nuclear (mass) Nuclear power Geothermal Gravitational Tides Geothermal Carriers: Electricity is a type of energy but it has to come from somewhere Hydrogen (if and when): get at energy within bonds Energy can be used to make electricity – or can be sued directly The cost and environmental impact of a carrier depends on how it is produced, so you need to know where it comes from. US energy flow diagram: Sectors are important to know: residential, commercial, industrial, transportation Follow path of fuel (input) to see what sector it enters Coal for the most part goes to electricity generation so are almost all the renewables Petroleum is all going to industrial and transportation pretty much ENERGY EFFICIENCY PROBLEM: Rejected Energy vs. Energy Services Rejected energy is wasted energy (54%) Energy services is energy...
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