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Rely on imports but with natural gas they think that

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Unformatted text preview: power is rising Predicted in the future to have rise in biofuels This transition has allowed us to decarbonize, reducing amount of carbon emitted per unit of energy form Imports and Exports: US administration projects that we will continue to consume a lot of oil but we will still rely on imports But with natural gas, they think that although we are now importing, we will eventually become exporters (due to Shale gas) Shale gas provides largest source of growth in US natural gas supply (it didn’t really exist back in 2000’s) Global energy consumption: 30% coal 25% natural gas 33% oil 5% nuclear 6% hydroelectric 2% renewables OECD (industrialized) was consuming more energy than developed world, but for the first time ever, emerging/developing countries are now producing more (because of China and india) Sources v...
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